BBC Storybook

​BBC and Digital Fiction Factory (DFF) were looking for partners to develop and deliver prototype format propositions for BBC Learning which would draw on existing BBC assets to unlock stories and engage audiences, demonstrate a multi-platform approach and have an editorial format that could be employed across a myriad of brands.

Atomhawk's successful "Storybook" proposition was an application concept that would allow the creation and distribution of digitally enriched storybooks that could be customised by the user to create a personalised interactive experience.

Each storybook would comprise of a kit of parts relating to a particular BBC IP. During the development of the prototype we worked with the idea of Heir Hunters and Dr. Who as candidate IPs, as well as exploring concepts revolving around the Centenary of World War I. The kit of parts would include character images, objects and backgrounds, as well as text and speech bubbles to help tell a particular story.

IP owners would be able to create and publish stories quickly and easily using an editor mode, while end users would have the opportunity to create and share their own version of the story, interacting with certain features and playing games.

We created the proof of concept video below to demonstrate how the application would work and to explain the user journeys for editors and end users. Having presented the video to key stakeholders at BBC and DFF, we were then commissioned to create an interactive prototype, partnering with specialist digital developers, The Design Zoo, to deliver this final stage of the project.​