DUST 514

Ambition Met With Excellence

When CCP embarked on their mission to develop their ambitious FPS title; DUST 514, they teamed up with Atomhawk for their UI design needs. Bringing the level of information and customisation normally associated with PC titles to a console game was no easy feat - Atomhawk's console experience, and proven track record of UI design excellence on many platforms, was a perfect match for the title.

DUST 514 brings the expansive world and lore of EVE: Online to console for the first time. The game includes a host of futuristic weapons, gadgets and vehicles - all of which have bespoke HUD elements and, in some cases, entirely unique HUD designs.

Atomhawk created UI elements using a combination of Illustrator, Photoshop and Flash, building functional prototypes and providing optimized final assets with Actionscript for integration using Scaleform.​

Expertise on Demand

Our Lead UI Designer visited CCP's Shanghai studio to oversee the integration of our UI work in to the game's Scaleform client, providing assistance in optimising texture sheets and Actionscript prototypes for programmatic generation of UI screens.​​

DUST 514 HUD and one of the many texture sheets we produced for it:

Introduction to DUST514

The game features an unprecedented level of customisation β€‹and player-to-player communication, as well as an expansive marketplace - the video introduction below shows new players how the UI is ordered and is a great place to see the UI work we contributed in motion: