Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

​​For Ninja Theory's award winning Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, Atomhawk was tasked with developing a front end and pause screen UI. The game would have a unique artistic quality while also needing minimal extra programming work, all within a highly compressed deadline.

The project started with an initial on-site kick-off meeting. After a series of ideas had been discussed, we proposed that the front end be represented as a damaged alien computer screen, situated in the crashed spacecraft featured at the start of the game. To add additional interest to the front end, the screen would feature alien texts and glitch effects from the damage.

Initial concepts had a very retro feel with green-screen style computer technology. We also started to explore the concept of combining the screen into a 3D space to create extra depth with 3D objects and reflection on and around the screen.

During the concept phase we hit upon an idea that the reflection of Trip, one of the main characters, could feature in the front end. This appearance would help make a fairly simple menu system appear much more interesting and help add depth.

The next step was to produce a functional wireframe prototype for menu flow. As the team at Ninja Theory were using Scaleform, we chose to use Adobe Flash for this stage, sticking within the functions available in Flash and enabling us to export parts of the prototype into the game engine to save on later duplication of effort.​

Final Implementation

Once the Flash prototype was completed and approved, we were then able to build texture sheets and asset packs in Unreal Engine and supply the team at Ninja Theory with everything they needed to implement our work.