Nike+ Kinect Training

Long-standing client, Sumo Digital, engaged Atomhawk to help conceptualise an idea for Bafta nominated, Nike+ Kinect Training.

​The game aimed to innovate on fitness titles of the time, using the Kinect technology to involve the player more in the virtual environment around them. Our role was to provide additional ideas on how this could be done.

​This goal created some interesting challenges for UI as we proposed projecting information into the 3D space rather than have it sitting as a barrier between the player and the virtual world on screen.

​In this early concept opposite you can see how initial concept ideas to integrate UI into the world started to take form.​

In addition to projecting UI into the virtual world, we were also tasked with creating concepts for a virtual training coach. 

The specification from the creative team at Sumo was that they didn't want a human character and that the coach would need to be able to display information.

We started looking at sports wear and high-tech prosthetics for Paralympians​. From there we came up with the concept of droids that could project UI information onto the world around them.

We created concepts for a male and female and, in order to avoid complex facial animation, we designed them to have an LCD style display for a face that could convey stylised emotional responses.​

In the concept below you can see our ideas for bringing all of this together: digital coaches projecting UI onto the environment with key stats on player performance being displayed within the environment as a combination of 3D statistical representations and 2D information displays.

Following on from our UI concepts, we were asked to think about what a more realistically styled location could look like. We were to start with the locker room which is the main hub for the players profile, integrating subtle Nike branding into the location.​