Outcast: Second Contact

​Our design and concept art teams worked together to create a key art marketing image for Big Ben's Outcast: Second Contact featuring a new updated logo for the remake of the cult 1999 PC game, Outcast.

​The concept art team composed the key art image to communicate the game's proposition as a modern open-world action adventure game set in a science-fantasy universe. While keeping the two moons, symbolic of the original game, in the background the character and backdrop were given a detailed and realistic finish that would give maximum impact on a store shelf.

For the logo, our designers replaced the two moons, synonymous with the original title, with the Ulukai symbol which appears throughout the game on the t-shirt of the main character, Cutter. They also explored different fonts and textures that would best communicate the fantastic and futuristic nature of the adventure. 

The final version of the logo was then harmoniously placed in the key art marketing image which can be seen on the box cover of the game.