Play Sage - VR

Play Sage Gateshead is an interactive Virtual Reality experience which allows users to rediscover the iconic architecture of Sage Gateshead in a new way; by playing the building like a musical instrument.

Commissioned as part of Sage Gateshead's 10th birthday celebrations, the app recreates the main concourse as a playable 3D instrument, allowing users to enter the digitised building and bash walls, beat handrails and hammer support structures to create unique percussive music. 

Using floor-plans, photos and detailed sound-recordings of actual sounds the building makes, we created a 3D model of the building along with visual concepts for a beautiful, stylized interior, exploring how the lighting and particle effects would react to the music to create an all-round sensory experience. 

To enhance the experience further, we created an abstract UI and VFX that could be projected on to the 3D model to convey information to the user, smoothly integrating with the visual design and ensuring the UI would work just as effectively across iPhone, iPad, Unity Web Player and Oculus Rift.

See how it all came together in the video below: