Project Spark

Project Spark is the most user-friendly game creation suite to date, enabling one to be crafted with less work than anything else like it on the market.

Hardcore Gamer

Working on an experience which hinges on creativity and innovation is right up Atomhawk's street, but creating a world that is designed to be re-modelled, adapted and reimagined by each and every user was an unique challenge and one which kept us on our toes for three whole years.

Find out more about the creative journey Atomhawk embarked on in our blog post: Designing for the Re-designable: Defining the Visual Experience for Project Spark  

During the development of Spark, Atomhawk explored ways in which the powerful building tools could be used to assemble and customise buildings in the game - below are some of the castle and house concepts.


Shout out to our friends at @atomhawk who help the Team Dakota art team come up with some amazing concept art! :)

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