Another expertly produced retro-inspired shooter from Housemarque.

Eric L. Patterson
Electronic Gaming Monthly

Resogun is a voxel-based, side scrolling shoot'em up that harnesses the full power of the PlayStation 4 to deliver retina-blistering high-definition visuals and intense combat at a consistent 60 frames per second.

Atomhawk was asked to provide a chic yet retro front end design for developer, Housemarque. The menu system user experience for the game was straight forward and already existed; our role was to find a modern take on the retro theme and to create a front end art style worthy of this PS4 launch title.

We started by exploring ideas in the form of 2D mockups, taking in retro influence.

​From these mockups, we were able to work with the client to exclude certain ideas and progress with others into a video-based proof of concept. With user interface design, animation and movement on interaction is as important as the visual design. We used Adobe After Effects as a valuable tool in defining motion. You can see examples of this usage in the video below:

Direct Feed Footage:​

From the proof of concept video, Housemarque and Sony were able to chose the concept that they liked best. We then provided the development team with in-game assets to their specifications. The proof of concept video provided the programming team with a template of how the user interface should move and react to input. Along with the video, we also provide detailed style and handover notes.​

Atomhawk also provided Housemarque with design consultation for the in-game experience as well - harnessing our expertise to help refine the visual style of the game and create the immersive, high energy experience players crave.​

See what their team came up with in the video below: