The Realm

The Realm is set in the far distant future, when the world has been reclaimed by nature. Once proud cities now lay abandoned – overgrown with strange plants and twisted vines. Magic and mysticism have returned to earth and there are strange creatures lurking in the forests. 

In The Realm, the age of technology (our current time) has come to an end, through an event that changed the world.


​This image of the overgrown city began as a paint-over of a photograph of Dean Street in Newcastle. It illustrates how nature has gone wild, reclaiming the architecture and demonstrating its strength and domination. Artist, Roberto F Castro creates vegetation with a wide range of colours, rather than just using one tone greens for the foliage.

​"I loved working on the natural elements in this piece; the light reflections, shadows, overgrown moss and trees are contrasted by the rusted-over car and tires hidden in the undergrowth." Charlie Bowater, Atomhawk Artist


We wanted to make sure that the return to tribal life didn’t also mean that all knowledge of technological times was lost. The village architecture is an evolution of modern building techniques, but using ancient materials

Ron Ashtiani
CEO, Atomhawk


​The challenge in designing Serena was making her appear the right age and matching her physical proportions with her facial characteristics. Initial sketches made her seem too tall and older, while later, more detailed sketches made Serena feel a touch too young to be believable.​​

The design for Toru combines the rocks and plants of the Realm’s landscape, contrasting his big, hulking appearance with his friendly and curious nature.

​While we initially envisaged the threat as evil sprites, in the end we deemed our early representations as cool, but too stereotypical.

We took a very free-form approach, coming up with an array of menacing creatures. Eventually they began to take the shape of tall, scary giants without faces who look for humans in the night using their “spotlight eyes”, which is where the name “lamp-heads” came from.

Thank you to all of our Kickstarter backers - we're still working on ways to bring the world of The Realm to life, so please check back often to see what we're up to.