Motion Graphics

​Our art and design teams work together to produce animatics and pre-visualisation work which fits seamlessly with the narrative and creative style of a game, movie, TV or digital production.

​Motion graphics can tell a story or convey an idea through animated productions or support proof of concept narrative design through storyboards and animatics. We can also bring graphics to life for idents and information displays on any screen.

Motion Graphics Compilation Reel

Animatics and Storyboards

Motion storyboards and animatics can be used to sell conceptual narrative ideas at relatively low cost before moving to full production in either live action or CG. The example in the video below is from Ubisoft's Driver San Francisco. Atomhawk were given a script for the game's intro cut-scene, with the task of developing the script to storyboard. We then created an animatic and worked with Ubisoft's audio team to create a correctly paced animatic that could be signed off before expensive CG production commenced.​

2D and "2.5D" Animation

Taking the same skills we use to develop an animatic, and then combining them with higher quality illustration and VFX, allows us to tell stories without the need for expensive CG production. 

The style also lends itself to narrated storytelling about past or future events or abstract story telling to music. This is method we used to create all the animated character ending sequences for Injustice 2 and Injustice: Gods Among Us.

It's also a technique we used when creating an animated trailer to illustrate the story behind The Realm, a new game IP we were working on. 

Combining 2D with 3D

​Cartoon Network provided us with a basic storyboard which we then developed into a more refined and detailed animatic, defining the look of each frame and setting out the action. Each set of frames were then animated and brought to colour in 2D, adding in the 3D elements before bringing the whole sequence together.

For Broken Sword 5, we combined 2D illustrated backdrops with 3D character models. The benefit of this was that we were able to tell a story in present tense featuring conversation between characters and facial animation. In order to help merge the two methods we applied a cell shader to the 3D elements to make them match stylistically with the backdrops. The VFX is a mixture of procedural and hand animated 2D, to help further with creating a cohesive style. We handled this complete productions from script to final render.​

Animated Logos​

Combining the skills of our graphic design and UI design team with our motion graphics capability enables us to create engaging and entertaining animated logos. We even created an animated version of our own logo!​