Back in November we were delighted to welcome Rowan Class of Bedlington Station Primary School to join us for an exclusive Atomhawk tutorial.

The class were given an introduction to what we do at Atomhawk and what it's like to work in a digital art and design studio.

Principal Artist, Stuart Ellis, then gave a demonstration of how a digital artist paints and worked with the children to show them how they could create their very own superhero. 

The aim of the session was to inspire the children and to show them that there are great jobs and opportunities for exciting and creative careers right on their doorstep.

Judging by the superheroes they have since drawn themselves, their time here seems to have proved a great success.

We were delighted to receive these examples along with a wonderful card thanking us for their visit, and look forward to displaying them alongside our own work on the Atomhawk Wall of Awesome!