We're on the look out for Concept Artists at Principal, Intermediate and Senior level as well as a new Account Manager to help us continue our quest to lead the digital and entertainment industries through imagination, innovation and dedication.

The Principal Concept Artist will have the responsibility of leading and helping to develop a team of artists to deliver great art that meets, or even exceeds, the requirements of each project. The right person for the role will also need to work quickly to deliver innovative ideas and polished art and designs across a variety of subjects and styles.

The Senior and Intermediate level Concept Artists will be involved in creating concepts in a broad range of styles and at all stages of the development cycle, working with global entertainment companies such as Warner Brothers, Sony, Lego, Marvel and Microsoft to produce world-class art as part of our award-winning team.

We're also seeking an Account Manager who can lead us in delivering excellent levels of client service, help us grow our current client list and land liaise with clients and artists on complex art and design projects.

But there's more to working at Atomhawk than just delivering great artwork. We also like to come together regularly as a team to reward each other's efforts, celebrate successes and to have a generally good time.

Highlights in the Atomhawk calendar include the weekly Wall of Awesome, where the week's best pieces of art are voted onto the studio walls, the monthly Over the Top award for ultimate dedication to the Atomhawk cause and the annual company birthday party. In between times, there's always an opportunity for a night out, whether it's a trip to cinema, an awards night, bowling or just a pub crawl in full Halloween costume.

If you think you'd like to join the team you can find our more about our latest work opportunities and details on how to apply here.