Atomhawk were invited by The Building Centre to exhibit examples of our spacecraft designs from Guardians of the Galaxy as part of their major summer exhibition, Drawn to the Future.

Drawn to the Future  is all about innovations in visualisation, so we were delighted to be asked to take part and supply some of our work. The exhibition will explore questions such as: how do we visualise the invisible and can the games industry influence planning decisions?

Alongside the work of digital artists will feature exhibits from data visualisation teams, academics, architects, engineers, programmers, games designers and model-makers, demonstrating how buildings and landscapes are being designed and demonstrated differently.

We're delighted to see the visualisation processes and outcomes from games and film being considered as influential in the real world and look forward to checking out the exhibition which is open from 27th July to 3 October. During this time, there will also be a number of events supporting the exhibition.

​The Building Centre exists to promote innovation in the built environment. First established in 1931, the organisation has since developed to become a not-for-profit dedicated to providing education, information and inspiration to all sectors of the built environment as well as the general public.