Pottermore has been Atomhawk's longest running project, spanning hundreds of illustrations and interactive moments for J. K. Rowling's immersive online experience.

So when it was suggested that we do something to celebrate our achievements, the idea of a Halloween fancy dress party immediately sparked everyone's imagination.

With so many of the team having worked closely on the project we had loads of ideas for characters but there was still much deliberation over which one each of us should chose as our alter-ego. Voldemort was an obvious choice for Ron and Dan made a natural Harry but as the end of the day drew closer several other recognisable faces began to appear, including Hermione, Dobby, Sirius Black and even a Dementor, with Rita Skeeter close at hand to make sure nothing went unreported.

After a feast of pizzas in the Great Hall (aka the Atomhawk meeting room) there was a clear need for a few butter beers so off we headed, still in full costume, into the dark Halloween night.

What happened after that is the subject of a whole other story ...