Atomhawk are once again fielding a team in the Special Effect Twin Town Challenge, driving from Whitney, Oxfordshire to Le Touquet in Northern France via the formidable racetracks of Silverstone and Croix en Ternois.

It's taken a little bit of work to get this year's chariot, a £500 Skoda Octavia, ready for the journey and there's been a few hiccups along the way, but it's now raring to go (or so we hope...).

The 2014 event raised over £100,000 and once again this year all the money raised will go towards the brilliant work of charity Special Effect, helping them to put fun and inclusion back in to the lives of people with disabilities through video games.

You can track the progress of the team and see if they and the car make it back to Whitney in once piece or have to hitch a ride on the Bus of Shame by following the Roadhawk blog at

If you'd like to get behind the team and help us to support the work of Special Effect then please sponsor us at

And If you're wondering what happened last time and why we're up for doing it all over again, then check out our video of Twin Town 2014 featuring some of the highs and lows of the Challenge: