​Mick shares with 3D total how he unexpectedly found his way into concept art, having initially started out studying jewellery design, and how he managed to get his first role as an in-house games artist at Climax Studios.

His advice for aspiring artists includes focusing on the work you actually want to work on as well as picking up 3D skills and learning from other artists.

"Atomhawk send the whole art team down to Industry Workshops each year which is always good. It's great to meet other creatives and be inspired after seeing the talks."

As for working in a studio like Atomhawk, he stresses the importance of being able to take feedback from clients and colleagues, being flexible about the kinds of projects you work on and leaving egos at the door.

And the best way to go about getting a studio job?

"Although it seems simple just having a great portfolio of work. It speaks volumes. Also being a nice person helps!"

You can read the full interview with Mick on the 3D Total website.

And if you think you have what it takes to join Mick and the rest of the team, find out about our concept artist roles in our Newcastle/Gateshead and Vancouver studios here.