We're very proud to see three Atomhawk artists sharing their work in the very same issue of Imagine FX this month.

Thomas and Jourdan, who both joined our UK studio in 2017, are featured in the magazine following their success in Cubebrush's WORLDS challenge for 2D and 3D artists.

Thomas was the winner in the 2D category with his piece, "Ablution", a future alternative timeline of Earth, drawing inspiration from modern eco-cities and renewable energy for both his ideas and the visual style.

Runner-up in the 2D category was Jourdan with his piece entitled "Downtown Frogtown", inspired by his enjoyment of exploring different cultures and his enthusiasm for the worlds of RPG games.

The issue also includes a brilliant workshop from Steph McGown, one of the first artists to join our Vancouver studio. Steph's "From Greyscale to Full Colour" tutorial demonstrates step-by-step a quick and easy method for colourising greyscale pieces for any painting style or workflow.

You can read more about Thomas, his winning entry, and his life and inspiration as an artist in his interview with Cubebrush

In the MediaKaren Ashtiani