After three years of working on the much anticipated Injustice 2, we're delighted to see the game being so well received. It's a project that's particularly close to our hearts as almost everyone in the studio has played a part in its creation.

Warner Brother’s NetherRealm studio initially invited us to propose key visual themes for the game, which then led to the creation of concept art for fightlines, story modes, characters, breakouts and the game’s sophisticated gear system. 

Our CEO and founder, Ron Ashtiani, says:

“Injustice 2 has been our biggest games project to date as we were fortunate to be involved from the very early days and have been an integral part of the team throughout its production. Not only did we create a vast and varied amount of concept assets but we also created a large selection of animated character endings which we’re really proud of too.”


Our work on the character designs included recreating a broad selection of heroes and villains from the well-known likes of Superman, Cat Woman and Wonder Woman to the lesser-known inhabitants of the DC Universe, such as Firestorm, Black Canary and Green Arrow. The fightline environments we created also spanned a diverse and striking set of locations from the Arkham Asylum to Swamp Thing’s Swamp and the bleak Fortress of Solitude.


Ron adds:

“The fight lines in Injustice 2 create a new level of interaction with the player characters. As a result, we had to dial up the level of realism while also creating something fun and in line with the DC Universe. The direction into which NetherRealm has taken the fighting genre is very exciting and I can only see the environment interaction level in games of this kind increasing.”


Our involvement in Injustice 2 follows on from our concept art and animation work for Injustice: Gods Among Us, released in April 2013 and our work with NetherRealm on Mortal Kombat (2011) and Mortal Kombat X.

You can check out more of our work from Injustice 2 here.