Guardians of the Galaxy™

Atomhawk spent over a year working with the Marvel team on the action-packed space adventure, producing a broad range of artwork for the film, digitally painting the images on which scenes and spacecraft from the film are based.


Guardians has been an awesome and truly inspiring project to work on. As our second Marvel project, Guardians presented a fresh set of challenges. This time we were tasked with reimagining a Marvel comic from scratch, rather than working with an existing film franchise. The team relished in the creative license this gave us and I think this feeling is evident in the work we produced.

Cumron Ashtiani
CEO, Atomhawk

See some examples of how our concept work was adapted in to the movie in the video below:


"The highlights of working on the film were the creation of the Milano spacecraft, which demanded a huge amount of detail and complexity, the Kiln Prison and the severed head of a giant floating celestial being, known as "Knowhere".


This work by @atomhawk helped inspire the Ronan/Thanos scene in Sanctuary. #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy

James Gunn on Twitter (@JamesGunn)