Concept Art Head turning visuals
that capture an essence
and promise more.

Effective concept art distils ideas to showcase awesome characters, environments, and universes. It may be specific about a precise look or feel, but it always aims to intrigue and engage. Concept art sets the scene, sparks excitement, and inspires curiosity.

Key Considerations

This is the start of the story, where the audience forms a desire to explore deeper into this new world. The aesthetic should always be distinctive and built using solid art fundamentals. It may explore a range of style directions or include a variety of options in a single visual. Either way, it’s space to define tone, direction, look, language and feel of the game to come.

Our Approach

Whatever the degree of creative direction required, we always push for outstanding levels of imagination, design and polish. Our versatile team is well-established with major videogame developers, blockbuster filmmakers and brands because Atomhawk artists work collaboratively with clients, hitting the brief then surpassing it, expanding worlds, and pushing ideas further.

Projects are assigned an art team skilled specifically to meet the remit, while an Art Lead and Producer take ownership of creative and project management responsibilities.

Working with

Insomniac Games
343 Industries
Sumo Digital
Amazon Games
The Pokemon Company
Warner Brothers
XBOX Games
Epic Games
Games Workshop

"Atomhawk have brought an amazingly consistent, sky-high standard of creativity, skill and passion to our developments. Our studios demand the very best, as such we’ve laid down some varied and often tough challenges to their artists - which they always rise to meet. They’re a team I recommend with confidence."

Sam Carlisle, Senior Director – External Partner Relations, Microsoft