Animation Bringing cinematic
movement to
illustrative art.

From initial storyboards, through to polished final cinematics, our team bring art and stories to life. Motion graphics and visual effects combine to add a sparkling dose of believability.

Key Considerations

Galvanising 2D visuals with the movement, music and narrative jolt of animation, motion graphics are more affordable than CGI or live action, and faster to produce, but just as impactful. Supplying cinematic punch and lending vitality to a range of illustrative approaches, from the highly detailed and graphic to the abstract, animation is a great way to tell stories, present ideas and add new depth to art.

Our Approach

Our in-house team of talented artists and animators are accustomed to delivering high quality projects at scale. Stylised or realistic, fantasy or sci-fi – we work across all genres. Atomhawk’s animation team take projects from concept to reality through direction, storyboarding, art creation, animation and final polish.

Working with

Insomniac Games
343 Industries
Sumo Digital
Amazon Games
The Pokemon Company
Warner Brothers
XBOX Games
Epic Games
Games Workshop

“Atomhawk was the perfect partner to help us redefine the storytelling toolkit for XCOM: Chimera Squad. On top of delivering absolutely beautiful work, collaborating with them on this project was a blast. I greatly appreciate the enthusiasm and craftsmanship that they brought to this project.”

Hector Antunez, Art Director, Firaxis Games