Technical Art Game engine mastery
to meet any creative challenge.

Our technical art studio takes the standard Atomhawk approach to overcoming challenges and optimising creativity into clients’ game engines, expertly navigating Unreal, Unity and proprietary systems to focus on art related challenges.

Key Considerations

With carefully acquired expertise, our talented technical artists solve complex challenges within game engines. Precise technical skill and free-flowing creativity, lets them push technology’s limits. Rigorous testing and documentation provide a foundation for visuals that work as well as they look. Working independently or collaborating with clients in-engine, our technical art solutions are made-to-measure, unique each time.

Our Approach

This is a high-value strike team solving problems others can’t.  We’re set up to work in-engine and are backed by an ISO Accredited secure IT infrastructure. As well as designing technical art solutions we can build and implement them in-game – ideal for companies who need a visually arresting design, and the technical expertise to implement it. Proven experience with clients like WB Games and 2K, plus a hands-on management team complete the package.

Working with

Insomniac Games
343 Industries
Sumo Digital
Amazon Games
The Pokemon Company
Warner Brothers
XBOX Games
Epic Games
Games Workshop