Marketing Art Striking visuals
that demand

Many different visuals are used to sell a game and help it claim its place in a crowded market; box covers, logos, trailers, and advertising campaign images. Good marketing art makes consumers take pause, grabbing their attention. It communicates the key essence of the game, while allowing space for intrigue, and compels a deeper look.

Key Considerations

Stand-out marketing art wrestles consumer attention away from the competition. This work is often created using a combination of 3D for detail and 2D for emotion and energy; blending the two fluidly is a specialist skill. It’s finished to the highest standard, it’s right on-brand and it’s delivered to deadline, no compromise. The art conforms to any need – a web banner one moment, the side of a bus the next, so flexibility is required.

Our Approach

Atomhawk delivers full-service marketing and has proven experience working with major franchises such as Star Wars, Marvel and DC. The team is large, all in-house and has wide stylistic range. With the technical expertise to use 3D models or in-game assets as a base for creating marketing art, the studio is also accustomed to working collaboratively with both clients and external marketing agencies.

Working with

Insomniac Games
343 Industries
Sumo Digital
Amazon Games
The Pokemon Company
Warner Brothers
XBOX Games
Epic Games
Games Workshop