3D Art Taking original artwork into the next dimension.

Working shoulder-to-shoulder with 2D colleagues, our 3D team model awesome characters, weapons, vehicles and environments. Staying true to original concept art, they establish a high quality baseline to inform and enhance the remainder of the game’s design and build.

Key Considerations

Excellent 3D work is always true to the design language the concept has established, but it’s also bold enough to liberate it, allowing expansion into new spaces. During the initial block-out, a range of style directions may be explored, or a variety of options might be taken in a single scene. For the high poly and low poly stages, the 3D model needs to maintain shape, silhouette, and proportions. Ultimately, this service enables quick and easy iterations at any stage to explore alternate concept interpretations, as well as animation and game engine considerations. 

Our Approach

Different projects demand varying degrees of creative direction but we always push for outstanding levels of fidelity, design and polish. Versatility is key – our team has worked collaboratively with major videogame developers on established and original franchises. Our 3D and Concept art teams can offer an unmatched cohesion, with a dedicated Art Lead and Producer taking ownership of creative and project management responsibilities.

Working with

Insomniac Games
343 Industries
Sumo Digital
Amazon Games
The Pokemon Company
Warner Brothers
XBOX Games
Epic Games
Games Workshop