Atomhawk delivers
a full spectrum of
premium visual

We cover every step of the creative process, from concept through to release and beyond.


Creating concepts and ideas that set the direction, tone, and experience of a game.


Engaging stakeholders and winning their confidence to back projects through concept presentations at key milestones.


Defining intricate worlds through polished concepts, visual guides, and key art.


Building worlds through detailed production art instruction manuals to create environments, characters and props that populate a game’s universe.


Marketing games to players through artwork that elevates expectations, excites the senses, and creates anticipation.


Expanding worlds and keeping games fresh by providing ongoing elements such as cosmetics and downloadable content.

Why work with Atomhawk?

Because we make it easy. Digital art solutions that amaze, with no added ego. Start-to-finish visual development services shaped to your needs. A no-crunch culture, plus proven delivery, security, and reliability. Good people, direct approach, astounding digital creative.