UI/UX Design

Experienced in all digital platforms, we create innovative user interface solutions on any screen, including mobile, console, touch screen and virtual reality platforms.

​Our design process always begins with consideration for an intuitive and engaging user experience which will look and feel great. We run user experience design in parallel to visual design work threads so that the experience and flow of the interface is developed as the primary focus and then wrapped in beauty.

​As well as experienced creators of UI/UX for entertainment, we are also skilled providers of consultation and user testing, as well as graphic design services such as logo creation, icon design and the design and integration of motion graphics with information systems.

Case Studies

When and Where We Help

It's best to consider good UI design for a product as early as possible, but we realise that's not always practical. This diagram shows a basic product development cycle and the different stages and activities Atomhawk has been involved in on previous projects. 

Whether you need a quick batch of ideas or consultation for an upcoming product or a complete redesign for an existing one, Atomhawk can help.

​UI/UX for Mobile

We've worked on a number of mobile and tablet games, including Championship Manager: All Stars and the highly successful Top Eleven.

Mobile requires an understanding that users are often playing a game that is initially free. Therefore a very low friction and easy to use UI is important to aid with user retention. Information for all platforms needs to be clean and easy to read, but for mobile this is even more so. Small scale touch screens also raise a number of interesting challenges centred around button sizing and this issue becomes more complex in multi platform, phone and tablet releases.

​UI/UX for Console

We've helped bring innovative UI to many top charting console games including Driver San Francisco, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, Devil May Cry and Watchdogs.

For Dust 514 we even took on the challenge of working with a mainly PC developer to re-invent UI for console. 

Our process is to produce graphical style explorations, UI/UX wireframes and, on some occasions, interactive wireframes. We then bring all the elements together into motion graphics mock-ups that detail animation for widgets and screen transitions. We believe that motion is as important in conveying data as graphic design principals. 

Finally, we can deliver game-ready assets in most formats (Flash, HTML 5). We are experienced with middleware platforms such as Scaleform and have also used development teams' own UI tools, sending one of our designers on-site to learn how to use them.

​Fictional UI Design

Fictional UIs present a great opportunity to combine creativity and innovation, designing interfaces ​that, whether based in reality or pure imagination, can be crafted without the limitations of current technology and programming capabilities. Instead, they can be created as a series of animations played back in real-time or added in post-production to enrich the visual world of a game or film.

Our FUI  work includes creating VFX and UI elements for Batman's AI intelligence system in NetherRealm's Injustice 2 game.

UI/UX for Virtual Reality

Atomhawk has always been at the forefront of innovation in the UI space and this also goes for virtual reality platforms. We have not only worked on the UI systems for Oculus Rift launch title Valkyrie, but also RIGS: Mechanised Combat League, the launch title for Sony's Playstation VR platform.

As well as virtual reality for games, we've also been involved in experimental VR experiences like the Play Sage Gateshead virtual music hall project. These projects can all be viewed in our UI/UX Gallery.​

UI/UX for Vending

Atomhawk was asked by Costa Coffee to help bring innovation to their new Marlow CEM-200 machine, teaming us up with legendary production design house Pininfarina​. The Italian designers focused on the physical presence of the machine while we were tasked with creating an entertaining yet low friction UI/UX experience that would cater to a very diverse demographic.​

​Icon Design

Nearly all user interfaces rely on the use of icons to represent information and this is especially true for mobile and virtual reality platforms where text can be hard to read. Other benefits of using icons include a reduction in localisation effort.
Our team have designed icons for almost every platform, ranging from very simple designs for mobile, right through to icons that could be considered a work of art in their own right. (Below top: icons for mobile; below middle: icons for console)