Marketing Art

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From creating inspiring ideas through to high quality execution, we deliver visual marketing content that's effective for audiences and marketing teams.

Whether we're working in 2D or 3D, creating assets from scratch or using pre-existing designs or models, we keep our artwork flexible and scale-able so it can be adapted for multiple purposes, maximising our clients' investments.


Key Art

Key visuals are high-resolution promotional images giving the audience a clear first impression of what the product is. They are versatile marketing pieces which can be used online and in physical promotion at a wide range of sizes.


Box Art

As well as illustrating artwork by hand, we're also able to use 3D models to produce artwork with a more realistic finish.

Atomhawk_Big Ben_Outcast Second Contact_Marketing Art_Logo Design_Box Art_Services.jpg
Atomhawk_Sony_Little Big Planet 3_Marketing Art_Box Art_Services.jpg
Atomhawk_Deep Silver_Dead Island Definitive Collection_Box Art_Combined Cover_Services.jpg

Online Content

Splash screens and online marketing assets need to communicate as much as possible about the product in a single image at the same time as capturing the audience’s imagination and making them want to be part of that world.

Atomhawk_Kabam_Spirit Lords_Marketing Art_Splash Screen_Services.jpg

Logo Design

Creating good graphic design, whether it's for a logo, icon or poster, means seeking a balance between a design’s effectiveness as a communication tool and its aesthetic beauty.



From imaginative thinking to inspirational concept assets and illustrative storyboards and animatics, we have a breadth of skills to help create engaging TV and print advertising.


Merchandise Design

Atomhawk worked with Exient and Rovio to create a unique range of stylised racing karts for their mobile racing game, Angry Birds: Go!

Our work went on to inform the design of a tie-in line of Hasbro Telepod toys that allow players to unlock more in-game karts. The designs have since been used in further product lines, such as the clay model sets,

Atomhawk_Exient Rovio_Angry Birds Go_Marketing Art_Product Design_Go Karts_Services.jpg