Unity 3D Game Kit

Atomhawk worked with Unity to help reboot their 3D Game Kit with a re-imagined style, creating visual target images and designing unique vegetation and a space craft for the game’s key character.



Service lines

Concept Art
Production Art


Microsoft Windows

Release Date

April 2018

The Game Kit provides artists and designers with a collection of elements, tools and systems to help them hook up gameplay without the need to write any code.

The visual target environments explore the stylised aesthetic of the game, focusing on the crumbling ancient civilisations and opulent overgrown vegetation of the alien planet.

“The highlight of the project for me was designing the “delicious” looking cheese-like trees! Exploring the different textures for the rich, succulent vegetation provided a lot of scope for the imagination and led to some strange and interesting creations”. – Dan Peacock, Concept Artist

The dropship transports heroine, Lt. Ellen Hooper, around the game’s universe and features in the cut-scenes which provide intros and outros to the game’s levels. The orthographic detailing the spaceship’s design from three key angles provided Unity with all the necessary assets to bring the dropship to life in 3D for use in the game.