Art Competition winners: The Adventure Begins 2020

Every July we invite concept artists from around the world to join our annual Art Competitions. In 2020, the theme was “The Adventure Begins”, a broad concept with infinite potential for interpretation.

The submissions were judged on creative details and ability to tell a compelling story. With over 500 submissions this year, we were impressed with sheer level of unique creativity from artists across the globe who incorporated their own cultures and personalities into their artworks.

After much deliberation with the judges, the final three winners exemplified storytelling, creativity and technical skill. Winners will receive a selection of incredible artist goodies from Escape Technology, Sumo Digital, and ArtStation.


We are thrilled to announce that first place goes to Baptiste Boutié for their heartwarming departure scene. “There’s something incredibly charming about Baptiste Boutié’s piece that invokes the spirit of The Adventure Begins competition theme,” says Atomhawk Lead Artist, Charlie Bowater, “It does so with this very first step of leaving behind all the warmth and comfort that leaps out of this artwork as our character sets off to the great unknown.”

From all of us at Atomhawk, we want to extend a huge congratulations to Baptiste!

Baptise is now the proud owner of a Cintiq Pro 16 and a Nintendo Switch, courtesy of our very generous friends at Escape Technology and Sumo Digital. Other prizes include credit at and a years subscription to ArtStation Pro and ImagineFX, as well as an Atomhawk swag bag.

Please check out more of Baptiste’s work at


Second place goes to Stefanie Buchanan’s mysterious and enchanting shipwrecked mech. “When I first saw Stefanie Buchanan’s illustration I was immediately confronted by so many questions,” says Dario Jelušić, Atomhawk Senior Artist, “What is this giant mechanical bird? How did it get here and what happened? Is this character a scavenger and is there any connection between the two? To be a successful storyteller, it is important to invoke all kinds of questions in the viewer’s mind and get their imagination flowing by inviting them into the illustration with colours, designs and storytelling elements which this artwork does so successfully.”

Please check out more of Stefanie’s work at


Third place goes to Iain Thody with this otherworldly depiction of a human child moments away from leaving a robotic homeworld. “Iain Thody’s image stood out for having a lovely art style, expressive mood, and really fascinating design language. The story here is compelling too because the boy is seemingly the only human in the image – what’s happened here and where is he going?” says Drew Whitmore, Atomhawk Art Director.

Please check out more of Iain’s work at


We were overwhelmed with so many great entries for this year’s competition and would be amiss to not award some honourable mentions that were standouts from our judges shortlist: Juan Salvador Almencion, Eleni Platnaris, Leonardo Ambrosini, Marko, Alben Tan and Paulo Torinno.


Thank you to the 504 people who entered our art competition this year. We were humbled by your enthusiasm, creativity and ingenuity. We hope you will join us again for next year’s competition!

Please check out more entries with the hashtag #atomhawkadventure on Twitter and Instagram.