Daffodils and doing the little things for Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Sant

Something Atomhawk has always been proud of is the breadth of its experts it brings together from all around the world. Each person brings something unique to the process, each with their own stories to share and learn from one another. It’s these experiences which make us better, professionally and culturally. It’s our strength.

Atomhawk Advance is no exception to this, our studio which houses specialist disciplines across UI/UX and Technical Art. A majority of this team is remote, lending a flexibility and work/life balance which works brilliantly as an option for our diverse Hawks. Advance also has a base of operations in gorgeous green Leamington Spa, England, for those who prefer the more social routine of an office environment.

Travel due west from Leamington, however, and you’ll find yourself in Wales, one of the four nations that makes up the United Kingdom. This Celtic country is brimming with rugged coastlines, lush valleys, vibrant market towns valleys and boasts more castles per square mile than anywhere else in the world!

The Welsh are a proud people, and we are very proud to have Welsh Hawks that make up our team! In celebration of St. David’s Day, Jenny Brewer of Atomhawk Advance has created a gorgeous dragon and daffodil artwork. Read on to discover more about Jenny, and this important day that marks the Welsh calendar every March 1st.

Hi Jenny! Please tell us a little about what your career journey has been like so far.

“Hi! My name is Jenny, I am a Senior Principal UI/UX Artist at Atomhawk Advance.

I grew up in south Wales and graduated from the University of Wales, Newport in 2011. I started my career as a UI Artist later that year at Microsoft’s Lionhead Studios – I am a big fan of the early Fable games so it was a dream come true! I have had the opportunity to work on a number of different games over the years, ranging from indie to AAA titles. Some of my favourites being: Fable The Journey, Fable Anniversary, Fable Fortune, Zombie Army 4, and Forza Horizon 5.

Though UI Art is my day job, in my evenings I am usually sketching and working on illustrations, much in the similar style to the dragon drawing I created for St. David’s Day.”

How would you describe your art style?

“I love creating images with strong linework and a limited number of colours, trying to mimic the approach used for screen printing posters. I find using a small colour range a fun challenge as it makes me think about how different colours work together and keeps my artwork vibrant.”

For those who don’t know, what is St. David’s Day?

“St. David’s Day celebrates the patron saint of Wales, Saint David. He was a renowned teacher and bishop, founding churches and a monastery in Wales. It is said that he died on the 1st of March, which became a feast day to celebrate his life and work.

Today, it is custom to wear a daffodil or leek, and children are encouraged to wear traditional Welsh costumes or Welsh rugby shirts to school for a day of celebration.”

What does St. David’s Day mean to you and how do you celebrate?

“I usually get my rugby shirt on and plan to make either some Welsh Rarebit or Cawl with some crusty bread for dinner. My daughter is very excited about dressing up in her Welsh costume this year, something I remember doing when I was little too. The day is also a fantastic excuse to enjoy some Welsh cakes!

Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus! – Happy Saint Davids Day!”

Thank you to Jenny for sharing her Welsh heritage with us, and for more of her incredible work, please visit her website and follow her on socials.

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