Halo Infinite Forge Beta

Our first collaboration with 343 Industries saw us working on the legendary Halo Infinite Forge Beta, applying innovation and expert problem solving to an iconic AAA franchise.


343 Industries

Service lines

Production Art


Xbox Series X and Series S
Xbox One

Release Date

November 2022


Forge is Halo’s custom map and game editor mode. It first appeared in 2007, becoming hugely popular with fans across later releases. For Halo Infinite, 343 Industries needed our help creating and refining a new, sophisticated, scalable system with dynamic objects. Our work supported a huge improvement on previous games, which used multiple size variations for each object.


This was an exciting project, for the technical challenge and because we are Halo super-fans! Working closely with 343 Industries, we established a productive collaborative model that empowered 343 Industries to remain true to the Forge’s creative beginnings, while expanding the mode exponentially with our artistic support.


Initially, we worked with 343 Industries to help establish the art concepts for use on a system for dynamically scaling objects using a block or cube, as a base object. Primitives were next, to expand and test the system with different shapes. Additional assets were then built and adapted to reflect key factions’ architectural styles.


Standing on the shoulders of Halo’s incredible legacy, the concept art for Forge is a collaboration we’re very proud of. Lead Artist Corlen Kruger says: “There’s no greater feeling once you have that ‘Eureka!!’ moment and everything falls into place.” 343 Industries have created a series of videos showcasing the Forge Beta. We continue to work with them.