PUBG Ranked Mode

Our team was booked for production art on a parachute skin for Season 7 and we were pleased that the project mushroomed from there, leading to a fun, high-profile project with a very cool client.



Service lines

2D Game Art
Marketing Art


Microsoft Windows
Xbox One
PlayStation 4

Release Date

April 2020

In helping create the Prestige Gear reward skins, we started with fast and loose graphic design to explore potential patterns, before laying the graphic to assets to provide PUBG’s modelling team with high-quality concepts. The triangle pattern was ultimately used as a motif across the Ranked Mode’s visual design.

Additionally, we assisted the PUBG team to concept emblems which players are rewarded with at the end of the seasons. Hundreds of thumbnails were created before settling on the final emblem design.

Finally, we got the opportunity to work on the ranked feature key art. This project came in hot with a fast turnaround and coincidentally overlapped with a string of public holidays from the client’s head office. With not much time and limited access to PUBG’s full 3D asset library, we had to work smart to achieve a dynamic result. Thankfully the Atomhawk team are no strangers to these kinds of spanners in the works!