PUBG has set a high bar. We work with them to keep the product fresh, build engagement and help expand their game world. We support the game as a live service, shape lore through their dedicated website and create concept design for titles like PUBG New State, which will define the franchise’s future.


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2D Game Art
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We’re a strategic creative partner to PUBG. We help to enrich their game world, reimagining the challenge. Marketing, production, illustration, and concept art are all part of the package. PUBG are a prestige client operating at a global level, so we’re pretty excited about them; as a studio and as players!


Every PUBG project adds value to the client relationship and the game. Our specialised art team shapes the intricate detail of the game’s world. We produce marketing art, slick designs for Ranked Mode cosmetics, and evocative illustrations that set out New State’s backstory.  Our expertise is diverse, and it always enhances what’s gone before.


Working with PUBG is a creative collaboration. We work with their team to visualise and build a living, changing, growing world. By embedding ourselves in PUBG’s universe as a studio we can quickly pivot to create what’s needed when it’s needed. The familiarity gives us a foundation of creative freedom to do what we do best.


We have valuable creative flow with PUBG, moving ideas back and forth, adding dynamic iterations. Our pre-release marketing and storytelling materials helped generate incredible buzz around the game; a partnership that empowers everyone to share their best achieves great things. Ahead of launch PUBG: New State became one of the most hotly anticipated titles with over 40 million pre-order registrations.