Working closely with this award-winning client across multiple service lines, we built on Arkane’s legacy of immaculately crafted worlds and immersive sims. The resulting project, Redfall, is an open-world co-op FPS that marries the studio’s signature superb gameplay to a story-driven action shooter format.


Arkane Austin

Service lines

2D Game Art
UI/UX Development


Microsoft Windows
Xbox Series X & Series S

Release Date

May 2023


Critically acclaimed industry great Arkane Austin’s prestigious titles include Dishonored and Prey. They came to Atomhawk for our team’s in-engine problem-solving ingenuity, breadth of cinematics and icon experience, and our capacity to unleash outstanding storytelling whilst operating within the unique constraints of Redfall 


We were tasked with creating cinematics, in-game maps, and icons for Redfall. Our approach was built on close collaboration with Arkane and an exchange of ideas. Exploring different art styles and concepts together, the creatives took fresh inspiration from one another, pooling their substantial expertise. 


For the cinematics element of the project, as part of our initial creative pitch, we developed custom artwork. Our creative leads were excited about the fresh art style and 2D cinematic animation, which offers more flexibility across transitions and lighting.

While creating the maps, the team met the challenge of transitioning from the 3D game renders to a 2D map, factoring in various terrain types and complex narrative considerations.

Our graphic design team worked on establishing the distinct style of the in-game icons, delivering a number of assets across the weaponry and inventory to form part of the player’s skill-tree. Solving the challenge of how best to visually convey more fantastical and abstract skill icons, which will be new to FPS players, was very rewarding.


Through close collaboration and creative problem solving, we quickly became a trusted partner to Arkane, working across various parts of the game. For the maps and icons work, readability was key.  Regular, effective dialogue with the client, enabled us to deliver a range of assets that were bold, simple, and true to the unique look of the game.

"Atomhawk was an excellent team to partner with for several features of our game – from 2D motion graphic cinematics to icons used throughout the UI for hero abilities, the game map, and HUD. They understand the needs of gameplay and collaborated well with our internal team to ensure they hit the visual style while supporting the narrative and design needs. They were always prepared for reviews, had great ideas, and integrated feedback quickly. Working with them was effortless and an absolute pleasure."

Karen Segars, Art Director, Arkane Studios