Surgeon Simulator 2

This project involved character re-designs for Bossa Studio’s irreverent, high-energy Surgeon Simulator 2, released in September 2021. Atomhawk built on existing art, reimagining and refining the game’s four playable characters to produce a quartet of eccentric, blood-splattered rogue medics.


Bossa Studios

Service lines

Concept Art
Production Art


Xbox Series X and Series S
Xbox One
Microsoft Windows

Release Date

September 2021


Surgeon Simulator 2 was Atomhawk’s first Bossa project. The game was in testing and soon to officially launch when it was decided the playable characters’ look was not quite final yet. Our job: to bolster appeal, recreating the design for each surgeon to improve representation and present four avatars players would want to embody.


Working on these quirky characters was great, particularly the challenge of their already being out there, existing in players’ minds. The aesthetic was also something enticing for us; the characters are stylised, light-hearted and have a touch of comedy. So, we had lots of fun!


We reviewed the characters and presented development options, exploring characters’ style in sync with Bossa. This covered everything from initial sketches to refinements, colours, and props to orthographics. The objective was to make something fresh and polished, which captured the core traits of the original characters players had already met.


Working with Bossa, we turned the redesigns around quickly, focusing on the brief to make the characters more expressive. Reviews praised the sequel for “broadening the scope from this silly, singular game concept, while managing to retain a lot of the original spirit.” We’re delighted to have been part of that creative process.