Interview: Charlie Bowater for Firestarter Magazine

If you got your hands on the latest copy of Firestarter magazine, you may have noticed a particularly recognisable face on page 50! We have been fans of the art publication for a long time, and were thrilled to see Lead Artist Charlie Bowater featured in their 2019 annual edition.

Firestarter is intended to be a network node for all events that are relevant for the creative art community. The magazine is handed out for free at most of the events that are represented in Firestarter.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

“Are you able to tell us about any projects you worked on at Atomhawk that you remember fondly and learned the most from? Can you tell us about some obstacles you encountered, and how to overcome them?

There have been so many different projects that have brought their own challenges and rewards along the way. Pottermore will probably always be one that I remember the most as it was the first big project that I was a part of at the studio, and went on for around for five years or so.

Sometimes the challenge comes in the form of completing the artwork itself, whatever it may be; style, time constraints, technical ability etc. Sometimes the challenge lies with onboarding new members of the team onto a project; helping someone to match a style or certain requirements etc. My journey here has been one huge learning curve really. I started completely green, only ever having painted for myself. I’ve had to learn so much about process and styles.

I vividly remember a particular project which really forced me to learn how to break down the shape language of certain style and then learn how to emulate it whilst creating something new, something I had never really done before. At times like that; having a team of artists around you (who all have their own skills and experience) to help break down processes and offer their advice is invaluable.

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