Injustice 2 - Concept Art

​Atomhawk were incredibly excited to again join forces with NetherRealm on the second instalment of the Injustice franchise.

We spent over three years working on the game from helping to set the visual style at the very start of the project through to the creation of concept art for fightlines, story modes, characters and breakouts.

We also animated an array of character endings for the game's large roster of heroes and villians.

The overall style for Injustice 2 focuses on hyper-realism, bringing a more cinematic quality to the game through the use of lenses, realistic rendering and non-linear fighting.

The key shots and cinematics were a key part of the art process, helping to set the mood and look of a place or moment without having to take into account the constraints of a fightline.


Fightlines are a key part of the Injustice universe; various locations where the game's heroes and villains go toe to toe.

We created fightlines for an extremely diverse selection of environments, from the Arkham Asylum to Swamp Thing's Swamp and the bleak Fortress of Solitude.

​When creating the fightlines for the game, we had to take into account in-game technical considerations, such as whether the fightline would work and look interesting at every point. These considerations were particularly important as the gameplay moves further away from traditional linear fightlines and more towards fighting through the environment and interacting with the different objects within it.


The characters we created for the game come from the vast roster of DC Universe heroes and villians, from the many-times reincarnated Superman, Cat Woman and Wonder Woman to the less familiar Starfire, Nightwing and Captain Cold.

As well as a large selection of prime characters, we also enjoyed creating a series of Alt versions, where the characters took on a different looks and costumes.​


Most of the breakouts we created for the game are detailed renders of objects of interest or usable items that the player find along the fightline. Our designs are used as the basis for 3D models of the assets that can them be interacted with as part of the gameplay.