OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead

As part of our engagement with Starbreeze on OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead we created a host of illustrations and in game cinematics depicting scenes which take place between the game’s different levels.


Starbreeze Studios

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Xbox One
Microsoft Windows

Release Date

November 2018

A team of twelve artists and animators worked on crafting the animated scenes, delivering them in a documentary style which brings the narrative of the game to life and enhances the story-telling of this co-op shooter based on the original graphic novels by Robert Kirkman.

“For each of the scripts provided by Starbreeze we met as a team to break down the moments which would work best as animations and establish how to show as much of the action as possible in four or five key frames while also looking for potentially interesting angles and movements.” – Dan Gilmore, Lead Interactive Designer

The artists and animators worked collaboratively, with artists from Atomhawk’s UK and Canada studios painting a series of detailed images for each sequence before being brought to life by the animation team.