Applicant guide: Character Artist

What kind of artist would suit this role?

To excel in this role, you will need a strong understanding of fundamental skills such as knowledge of anatomy, character design and clothing/costume design. Ideally you should be able to communicate your thinking quickly and effectively via sketches.

Character design often comprises of an in-depth exploration stage so being able to explore and iterate upon a design is key. A strong sense of design will allow you to problem solve to create a character that fits into any setting, world, or style. An artist suitable for this role should be able to create a high-fidelity level of finish to their work. They should be able to communicate lighting, form, materials, and textures in their final render.

What should I include in my portfolio to impress?

We would need to see strong examples of character designs, whether they are realistic or have a stylized flair. We would love to see the entire design process for your character art. Share your initial sketches and subsequent iterations. The journey of your character design: your exploration, thinking and reasoning behind your choices are equally as important as being able to create a polished end result. Sharing each stage of our work in a presentable way is an integral part of our day-to-day process, so it’s something we are always looking for.

What kind of projects will I be working on?

Anything from real world to fantasy and sci-fi to post-apocalyptic themes. Shooters, racing games, RPG’s – anything could come into the studio that needs a character specialist, so a broad knowledge of anatomy and design is key.

What are top 3 tips to prepare myself for the interview process?

  • Know your process – It’s super helpful for us to know how you work and how you come up with your designs, so be prepared to take us through how you go about it.
  • Know your subject – We’re really looking for someone who knows their character design, so be prepared to talk about your process! Who’s your favourite designer and why? What’s your favourite style of character to design? Etc.
  • It’s not all about the art – We’re also looking for someone who is friendly, easy to talk to and will fit into our collaborative studio culture. So try to relax and be yourself, it will help make a good impression.

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