Applicant guide: 3D Artist

What kind of artist would suit this role?

To excel in this role, you need strong Hard Surface modeling fundamentals and a thorough understanding of the games development pipeline from initial blockout, through high/low poly modeling to UV mapping & baking.

We are looking for someone who is able to tackle modeling an asset from a concept sketch, quickly and effectively – with a good eye for proportion and detail. The best hard surface artists have thought and iteration behind them, so just being able to put out a good looking render isn’t enough, this is a modeling biased role where edgeloops, vertices and polygons matter. Someone who is truly passionate about Hard Surface modeling will be able to demonstrate cleanly built models, care and attention to each stage of the pipeline process and a workflow, which allows for iteration and feedback changes.

What should I include in my portfolio to impress?

We would need to see strong examples of hard surface modeling, examples of which include; armor, props, vehicles, weapons and mechs. We would also like to see the design iteration, workflow and wireframes as well. It’s one thing to show a finely polished and rendered model but showing the ‘workflow processes be it initial sketches/concepts, blockouts or wireframes really helps us see how you got to the finished product. These should be ordered and presented cleanly as part of your portfolio.

What kind of projects will I be working on?

Initially you will be working on an update to an award winning FPS, your role will cover for the duration of the project; armour, weapons, props & vehicles. Longer term projects which come into Atomhawk vary from real world to fantasy and sci-fi to post-apocalyptic themes. Anything could come into the studio that needs a hard surface specialist, so a broad knowledge of subjects is essential.

What are top 3 tips to prepare myself for the interview process?

  • Know your process – It’s super helpful for us to know your workflow and how you approach projects, so be prepared to take us through how you go about it, how you deal with problems and how you take feedback and critique.
  • Know your subject – We’re really looking for someone who knows their hard surface design and games development pipelines, so be prepared to talk about your processes and workflow. Who’s your favourite digital artist and why? Who/what inspires you? What’s your goal with hard surface modeling?
  • It’s not all about the art – We’re also looking for someone who is friendly, easy to talk to and will fit into our collaborative studio culture. So try to relax and be yourself, it will help make a good impression.

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