What is Atomhawk Advance?

Atomhawk is proud to announce the opening of a new studio dedicated to providing technical art support, offering the next step in their comprehensive art services. The studio will provide UI & UX Design & Development, Technical Art Direction, Realtime VFX and more.

Originally operating remotely, Atomhawk’s technical art team will also open a physical UK location in 2022 post lockdown. Sharing the same fundamental DNA as existing Atomhawk studios, the studio will focus on art related challenges faced by clients within game engines, including Unreal, Unity and proprietary systems.

Atomhawk’s technical art studio will be led by Nader Alikhani, previously the Creative Development Director at Atomhawk Vancouver. He is joined by senior hires Paolo Parrucci (UI/UX Director) and Liam Fleming (Technical Art Director).

“Strategically, Atomhawk has always looked to provide end-to-end visual development support, and the new Technical Art studio allows us to stay ahead of the curve by offering the next logical step in our services,” says Tim Wilson, Managing Director of Atomhawk. “Our partners have been requesting increasingly technical solutions to problems. This new technical art focused team will allow Atomhawk to build deeper creative relationships throughout the lifetime of projects and integrate more closely with client’s systems and pipelines. Additionally, the technical art studio will provide research and development (R&D) to create bespoke tools to aid existing workflows used elsewhere in the business such as concept art and motion graphic design.”

“The role of Technical Artist is an increasingly important one, bridging the gap between traditional artist and programmer” says Nader. “Our new technical art studio expands the capability of Atomhawk’s existing services and allows clients to tap into a more comprehensive, end-to-end solution that covers not only conceptual design but also implementation in-engine. The ability to leverage our world class concept art and design team plus game development support from a wide array of Sumo Group studios means Atomhawk can offer a high quality, broad, and bespoke service giving us a unique place in the external development market.”

See an overview of our Technical Art services and send any enquiries via our contact page. We can’t wait to create something amazing with you!