Announcing Project Rainfall, a new R&D initiative from Atomhawk Canada

If you’ve spent any time digging around the Resources directory on our website, you’ll know that it is a wealth of open-source education for aspiring, new and professional digital creatives. You may have even come across Worlds without limits: the creation of enthralling environments, a comprehensive breakdown of an environment moodpiece by the senior talent at Atomhawk Canada.

As a visual development studio serving the AAA games industry, we devote a portion of our time to innovation, and the improvement of our creative solutions and real-time support for our clients. The culmination of this becomes what’s called R&D (Research & Development), the generation of new knowledge.

Most of the time, R&D manifests itself as rough, experimental work, rarely appropriate to share with a wider audience. But we believe not all R&D has to be this way, which is why we created the world of Project Rainfall. Just like Worlds without limits, we can offer insight and advice to the creative community, as well as spark passion and personal growth within our own team.

What is Project Rainfall?

A spark bringing together a group within the team at Canada, all of whom have big ideas on how they can grow this initial seed into something creatively interesting and visually entertaining.

Project Rainfall is:

  • A team-led initiative fuelled by passion (and coffee!)
  • A project anyone at Atomhawk Canada can contribute to during downtime between client projects
  • An R&D test bed for new tools, techniques, processes
  • A creative journey that we want to share with you!

What can you expect next?

We’re planning tons of exciting content which delves into the history of how Project Rainfall came to be and our journey from here. We’ll be posting all updates to the Atomhawk Canada LinkedIn, so we recommend following us there to stay up to date!

You’ll not only get to see the incredibly cool world, characters, and story of Project Rainfall but all the work that went into creating it. You’ll also get to learn more about the people working on it, along with a behind the scenes peek at the creative culture at Atomhawk Canada which makes projects like this possible.

Expect to see stunning final imagery and get a first-hand look into the work that leads up to that: the ideas, honing in on a direction, big decisions, the iterative process – all being just as valuable to you and us as anything final.

This is just the beginning for Project Rainfall. Jump on this train as we leave the station and bring you along for the ride!