Dan's talk is now available to watch:

The hype around Virtual Reality is at astronomical levels - This year's E3 saw a number of VR titles announced as well as showcasing major developments in VR hardware from the likes of Oculus, Sony and Microsoft. But as the industry embraces Virtual Reality, developing effective content for VR is still relatively new to many developers and creatives.

​Following on from Dan's talk at the VRTGO conference last year, and drawing on his experience working on a number of VR titles including Oculus launch title EVE: Valkyrie, Dan will be giving a presentation on designing user interfaces for VR at this year's Develop Conference. 

To find out more about the conference, visit: http://www.developconference.com/

As part of the preparation for this talk, we're asking anyone interested in designing UI in VR to tweet their questions to Dan, @hexagonfuture #VRUI - As many as possible will be covered in Dan's presentation on the 16th of July.